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Terms and Conditions

Maria Rose Fuchtler

Dancer, movement educator and health trainer

Phone: 0179 545 66 98

1 Scope

These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to the agreements made by STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler and the studio member. The Studio Member is hereinafter referred to as "Customer".

The services provided by STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler to the customer are based exclusively on the following terms and conditions, which are accepted by the customer when registering for and participating in the courses at STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler.


2. Services

STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler offers group training sessions, workshops and individual training sessions, which are subject to the current conditions.

2.Terms of Contract

Regular classes take place weekly, excluding public holidays and summer, autumn, Christmas, winter and Easter holidays.

The courses are ongoing. There is no entitlement to make up for canceled training sessions within the closing times.

As compensation, there is a holiday program in audio format for all course participants in the small group training to train themselves.

Personal training takes place regularly one to three times a week.



3. Duration of contract


The contract period begins with the signing, lasts two months (10 and 20 tickets excluded) and can be terminated with a notice period of two months to the 1st of the month. All cancellations must be in writing. Oral announcements are invalid.

The start of use, ie the start of training, can also be within one month. In this case, a chargeable pre-contractual use is agreed, which is calculated pro rata for the current month.


All offers are subject to current prices. For the ongoing courses, the fee must be credited to the account on the 1st of the month. The customer undertakes to set up a standing order. 10 and 20 tickets (personal training) are paid in advance or in installments.


Bank details:   Maria Rose Fuchtler

                   Account # 650166566

                   BLZ 100 500 00

                   Berliner Sparkasse

                   IBAN DE24 1005 0000 0650 1665 66

                   BIC/SWIFT code: BELADEBEXXX



5. Opening times and closing times

The exact opening hours can be found in the applicable timetables. STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler and their representatives reserve the right to change their offer and the timetable.


6. Refunds and make-up missed training sessions

There are no refunds for missed training sessions.

Training sessions that are not attended and canceled in good time (at least 12 hours in advance) can be made up for if there is space in the courses. If the customer does not use the offer to catch up, the missed training units will not be paid out. The suspension of the monthly fee for a certain period of time to compensate for the missed training session is also excluded.


7. Suspension of the monthly contribution in exceptional cases

In exceptional cases, the monthly fee can be suspended or the contract can be withdrawn prematurely. These cases are: chronic illness, accidents, disability, pregnancy. A medical certificate must be submitted in writing.


8. Storage of Data

The following personal data is collected and processed for membership in STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler:

Name, address, email address, phone number

This data is stored electronically. This serves to organize the course.


9. Security, Disclaimer

The use of the training locations of STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler and their representatives is at your own risk. STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler and their representatives and partners are not liable for damage caused to customers through injuries. STUDIO 46, Maria Rose Fuchtler and their representatives assume no liability in the event of theft, damage or for leftover or deposited objects. Insurance in this regard is the responsibility of the customer.


10. Changes

The course participants will be informed in good time about changes to the terms and conditions, lesson times and days, conditions and the location of the training lessons. They do not qualify for refunds.



I agree to the above contractual relationships.


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