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Relieve yourself of joint pain and tension.
Strengthen your deep musculature in the long-term!

An unconscious posture leads in the long term to chronic
tension headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder tension. Common causes are:

  • Gesundheitsberatung

  • Schwangerschaft

  • Rückbildung

  • Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung

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  • Tänzerin

  • Choreographin

  • Workshops

  • Klassen

Painfree with
Bodybalance & Dance


I can help you, to solve your inner and outer tensions and free you from pain in the long term.

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private session

Relieve yourself from joint pain

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corporate health

Health and well-being at the Workplace

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pregnancy and postnatal gymnastics

Optimal support, follow-up and preparation through highly effective training



Joie de vivre and agility through dance

Satisfied customers


I can highly recommend Maria Rose as both a Pilates/Yoga and Dance teacher. In the meantime I train with her in the Urban Dance/ Belly Dance class once a week. The combination of both dance styles is a lot of fun and gives me an even better perspective and body awareness. What I find especially great about the combination is that my flexibility in the spine has improved. I myself am a physiotherapist and can highly recommend these movement sequences for any body. Her cheerful and warm manner rounds off the whole thing. Oh yes and her hip hop music taste is fantastic. :) Maria, thank you so much for your great classes!

Nicole W.


About me

In my holistic training approach, I focus on the quality of movement to heighten body awareness and promote muscular and mental relaxation.

Since I began to train my deep musculature using optimal body alignment, I perceive my body in a new way: I sit, stand, walk and move with increased consciousness throughout the day.

From this knowledge I have developed a strong body awareness, fuller muscle tone and increased flexibility.

My training is also a successful form of pain relief. I would like to share this experience with you.

Everyone is welcome to give it try! 

Über mich

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