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private session


private session

Relieve yourself of joint pain

Personal training offers the time to respond individually to you and your body, to your wishes and goals.


What can personal training accomplish?

Through manual therapy and your individual (holistic!) training concept, the intensity of the training increases. This means: you’ll see the results quicker as joint pain is reduced.

How is personal training organized?

Your personal training starts with a body analysis. We want to get to the bottom of the cause. The following training is based on the results.
The combination of manual therapy and 1-on-1 coaching increases the effectiveness of the breathing and movement exercises.




  • Live Online Training 

  • Live Offline Training @ Studio 46 Berlin

Tanzen Privat

private session

Joie de vivre and agility through dance

You want to dive into the urban dance scene and challenge yourself and your skills?

Then you've come to the right place! This course offers the perfect introduction to the world of urban dance. You will learn the basics of the different urban dance styles and get an insight into their origin, development and history. Urban dance styles originated outside the dance studio on the street, parties, schoolyards, in parks and clubs.


How can you imagine a training with me?

In Hip Hop Freestyle we focus on bounce and party dances. In Locking you learn the funk groove and stops. In Popping we deal with illusion and animation as well as pops and waves. With the power and liveliness of the rhythms and beats of Funk and Hip Hop music, you will learn the basics, which we will combine into cool combinations and develop your own style. The dance class ends with a sequence of muscle relaxation, the body parts trained by the dance. Drop by my Urban Dance Style Training! I am looking forward to meeting you!

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private session

Optimal accompaniment during pregnancy and preparation for birth

During pregnancy, the entire body changes so that it is optimally prepared for the birth of the child. During this time, back problems, shortness of breath, heartburn and water retention can occur.


In my holistic pregnancy training the focus is on:

  • strength and suppleness that accompany every new development in the body

  • willpower and condition for a self-determined pregnancy and birth

  • targeted training of the pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles, so that they can react according to the situation: soft, supple and powerful

  • support for the feet, which from now on will have to bear more weight and be relieved of strain

  • a long spine, to alleviate or even prevent bad posture and thus remain pain-free


It is a highly effective training in which we will prepare and support the body for birth through specific breathing and movement exercises. To achieve the optimal training effect, in addition to the individual coaching, you will receive a 15 minute pregnancy routine in video and audio format to use at home on a daily basis.


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private session

Highly effective training after birth

Pregnancy and childbirth put a lot of strain on the body, especially the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. Now is the time when you can work on the strengthening of your pelvic floor and the tone of your abdominal muscles with little effort, in addition to the weekly training sessions, again and again between and playfully.

The focus in the training is on:

  • the active strengthening of the deep muscles - especially the pelvic floor

  • strengthening the abdominal muscles to reduce or close the rectus diastasis (the cleft in the abdominal muscles) 

  • how to hold and carry your baby in the most gentle way - for example when breastfeeding - so that you can get through the first getting-to-know phase pain-free, strengthened and relaxed

  • Straightening the spine and strengthening the back muscles

    • to keep up with the developmental steps of your child

    • to realign the body axis after pregnancy, birth and puerperium 

      • to counteract the development of a widow's hump

  • to regain strength, suppleness and serenity in the middle of the body


​To achieve the best possible training effect, in addition to the individual coaching, you will receive a 15-minute postpartum routine in video and audio format to use at home on a daily basis.

Book a highly effective postpartum training for yourself now!


  • online via zoom

  • offline @ Studio 46 Berlin

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