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Health and well-being at the Workplace

Nowadays, many occupations do not allow us to exercise our full range of motion–in particular: desk jobs. They offer insufficient opportunity to compensate for physical imbalances. Such imbalances lead to joint fatigue. Possible effects include spinal disc degeneration or herniated discs, back pain, headache, shoulder and neck tension, and migraines


How does the Corporate Health Program work?

The holistic training facilitates and maintains mental and physical health. Initially, we will learn about correct sitting posture at the desk, because optimal body alignment is the best way to prevent discomfort. Furthermore, we will prepare short training sessions that you can do during a coffee break.

Regular practice using this short training routine reenforces correct body alignment by encouraging sitting and moving with correct posture on a daily basis. Furthermore, your joints will remain limber and unencumbered; tension is reduced long-term.



What can my health coaching offer your company?

Heightened well-being and mental balance ensure an environment for creativity and reduces the potential for conflict.



  • Personalized training program for your employees

  • Live Online Training 

  • Live Offline Training @ Studio 46 Berlin

Firmenfitness Maria Rose.jpg
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Try Out

Experience My Expertise Firsthand

Through my trial session, I offer you the chance to get acquainted with my approach and see how I can lead your employees towards greater health and vitality.

Six Weeks

Maximum Results in Minimum Time

If you're aiming for sustainable change, my six-week program is the ideal choice. Together, we'll work intensively to effectively reduce tension, pain, and stress.

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Wellness Weekend

Intensive, Compact, Inspiring

A whole weekend dedicated to your workforce! From 5 pm to 7 pm on Friday and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, we'll dive into a specific health promotion topic. A well-being boost for your employees!

Customized Programs

Tailored to Your Needs

I understand that every company is unique. Hence, I offer you the opportunity to create a program that aligns precisely with your requirements.


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