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Education & Background

Maria Rose is a passionate dancer and body artist. Her dance roots are in bellydance. Dynamic flow, precise isolation and clean technique are trademarks of Maria Rose´s extraordinary style. She playfully creates homogeneity between bellydance and urban dance styles while appearing composed, elegant and cool. Execution, creativity and musicality are in the foreground of Mary Rose. Through her playful approach to the basics, she creates her own vocabulary. Since 2005, she has focused intensely on the appearance and posture of the human body. As a certified movement instructor, health coach and dancer Maria Rose has taught both children and adults since she was a teenager. She also works as a lecturer in dance education programs and as posture coach for singers, actors and companies. In her holistic training approach, Maria Rose focuses on quality of movement to heightening body awareness, promote muscular and mental relaxation and prevent injuries.

If your interest is aroused, feel free to call, message or email.

Maria Rose
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